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Onboarding for Success

Onboarding for Success

Essential Support from Day One   

All too often the "onboarding" of a new staff leader resembles an old-school swim lesson:  throw them in the deep end and hope they’ll figure it out before they drown.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Onboarding for Success provides individualized training, counseling and coaching so that your new leader can quickly and securely settle into their new role with a minimum of pain and suffering.

Hiring a new staff leader is a make-or-break moment for most organizations.  The new leader will shape the direction of your organization for the foreseeable future.  The quality of their leadership and management will impact everyone—staff, Board members, funders and, most importantly, your constituents.  But despite these stakes, most organizations don’t do enough to ensure that their new leaders are set up to be successful. Why Onboard for Success?

The multiple dimensions of onboarding a senior leader are discussed here.

Not every organization needs comprehensive onboarding support. Onboarding Your New Staff Leader - How to Identify the Best Approach can help you figure out what level of support makes the most sense for you. I offer a free initial consultation to help you make this decision.   

For those transitions that would benefit from an Externally Guided approach, Onboarding for Success is framed around a basic question—what does this particular person need to be successful at this specific organization?  The answer emerges through an assessment and planning process.  Plans will be brought to fruition through a combination of customized trainings and supportive coachingHow does it work?

Let Onboarding for Success help ensure that the arrival of your new staff leader marks the dawning of a robust new era for your organization.