ggm Nonprofit Consulting LLC


Helping You Meet Your Toughest Challenges


ggm Nonprofit Consulting supports nonprofits and other socially engaged organizations facing significant adversity.  Whether you are confronting a leadership transition, financial setbacks, dysfunctional management, external shocks or internal crises, I can help.  Together we will assess, plan and then implement appropriate responses.

I also provide coaching, training and strategic guidance to improve your ability to confront the inevitable challenges down the road.  I will work with you to improve leadership and management, to engage in healthy conflicts and to strengthen your systems and processes. 

Having served as COO at nonprofits with different budgets, missions, business models and cultures, I have years of experience guiding organizations and their leaders through difficult change.  I know how strategy, leadership, culture and systems must all come together if you are going to achieve your mission.  I bring leadership and practical experience in finance, HR, legal, evaluation, IT, and operations.  That range of experience and skills gives me a uniquely broad-based perspective for addressing your complex challenges.  

Initial consultations are always free, confidential and carry no obligation.  If you and your organization are struggling right now, please contact me.  I can help.


Let's Connect:

Gary Gold-Moritz

202 390-3480