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Nonprofits can be Really Hard to Manage

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I know. Before starting ggm Nonprofit Consulting, I spent thirteen years as Chief Operating Officer for three different nonprofits.  These nonprofits ranged in size from 20 to over100 staff and from $4 million to $70 million in annual revenue.  More on these wonderful organizations can be found here, here and here.

In each position, I was the primary change agent in support of my organization's commitment to internal efficiency and effectiveness and ultimately to greater impact.  Getting the results we needed to took creativity, persistence, compassion, a lot of learning along the way and often a little bit of luck.

At various times, my duties included primary senior responsibilities for Finance, HR, IT, Admin and Legal; oversight of Development, Communications and Evaluation; and acting Executive Director.  Along the way, I've led the design and implementation of financial, case management, evaluation and performance management systems and processes, trained and coached leaders and managers, crafted strategies, plans and budgets, promoted culture change, written policies and so on. Throughout my career, I've worked closely with Boards of Directors as a member, a senior staff liaison, and an advisor. 

Prior to entering the nonprofit world, I practiced corporate law with an international law firm and served as general counsel for a couple small technology companies.

My clients reflect the diversity of my experience.  I support small advocacy organizations and large service providers; community-based and national organizations, secular and faith-based. The common denominator is the potential (and aspiration) for greater impact. With each, I assess organizational challenges through multiple lenses–interpersonal, financial, cultural, environmental, short term priorities, long term aspirations.  I build a shared assessment of the challenges so that everyone understands what needs to happen to achieve success.  I provide advice and guidance through the ups and downs of implementation.  And as we together address the immediate issues, we also work to build the skills and confidence that will enable them to respond effectively to future challenges.     


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