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How Can I Help?

Management Supports and Interventions

My services are custom tailored to your specific needs and may include some combination of the those described here:


Crises are my comfort zone.  A crisis (positive or negative) will often stretch staff, Board and systems beyond their capacities and exacerbate existing problems. I will help you identify and assess options and frame decision points.  Together we will work to minimize the risks and limit the fallout while identifying and promoting the opportunities that inevitably arise.


Change is supposed to be a good thing, right?  So why is it so hard?  Fear of the unknown, comfort with the status quo, lack of skills to bring it about are the obvious culprits.  But too often,  organizations fail to confront the fact that real change almost always has winners and losers.  The implication is that those standing in the way of change often have very good reasons for doing so.  Their sense of loss, along with the inevitable missteps in implementation can easily undermine an entire change program.  If this sounds familiar, or if you're struggling with other aspects of the change process, we should talk.

Strategic Assessments

As the social, political and economic contexts in which we operate rapidly evolve, nonprofit leaders often find themselves in unfamiliar waters.  I bring strategic perspectives and experience that you, your Board and your leadership team simply may not have. I can help you evaluate your circumstances and explore options so that you are equipped to make the best decisions.  In addition to reviewing the external environment, you may also benefit from a strategic financial analysis, a review of staff capacities, infrastructure, policies and procedures or other assessment.

Leadership Transitions

A change in senior leadership, planned or not, will inevitably unearth issues that should be addressed prior to the hiring of a new leader.  The longer the tenure of a departing leader, the more likely your organization has molded itself around that person's particular strengths and weaknesses.  The transition provides an opportunity to identify where this molding has resulted in dysfunction and to take appropriate actions to address prior to the selection and arrival of a new leader.  I can also provide support for interim leadership, providing a level of guidance that Board leaders may not have the time or expertise to offer.  Finally, I can support the on-boarding of your new leader so they can get off to an efficient and effective start. 

Board/Staff Interventions

For better and worse, every Board and staff leader develop a routine, often with the staff leader guiding the Board.  When that status quo changes–because of organizational needs or evolving Board perspectives–predictable problems often arise.  Board members will struggle to understand their roles and get a handle on what's going on within the organizaiton.  Staff leaders will feel micromanaged at best, but more likely undermined and disrespected.  I can mediate and help reestablish a positive working relationship.  Embracing a "management" lens, we can clarify roles, resolve conflict, and establish shared expectations. 

Management Coaching - Individuals

Our best nonprofit leaders rarely come from a management background; more likely they are subject matter experts, charismatic evangelists and organizers or skillful fundraisers.  But when management skills are weak, leaders cannot effectively leverage organizational resources.  Even modest improvements can have profound effects on staff morale and mission success.  

Management Coaching - Teams

It’s not just you.  You don't need to be perfect for your leadership team and your organization to thrive.  By working with the whole team, we can address those areas where lack of alignment, poor communication and nonproductive conflict are standing in the way of effectiveness.  If your team isn't collaborating well with you or with each other, your organization is not reaching its potential.